The Benefits of Fitted Bedroom Furniture and Fitted Wardrobes

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What’s Good About Fitted Bedroom Furniture?

Here at Mayfield Interiors, Altrincham, we often get asked: what are the advantages of having fitted bedroom furniture?

We design and fit sliding wardrobes doors and stunning fitted bedroom furniture in the Manchester area.

Traditional to modern, heritage to contemporary, our family-run business has over 20 years’ experience and we work alongside Hepplewhite, one of the UK’s leading fitted bedroom furniture manufactures.

Our work is truly bespoke for the best, made-to-measure bedroom furniture on the market.

Old and New Properties …

New builds tend to include regular-shaped rooms, which can be easy to decorate but, in some ways, lack imagination and character.

We can make the most of these straightforward dimensions by adding superbly fitted furniture that will not only stand the best of time but will also be an excellent investment if you ever come to sell your home.

For heritage or period properties, the challenge is to use all the alcoves, chimneys breasts and sloping ceilings in the best way possible for your storage, shelving, cupboard and wardrobe requirements.

What about wardrobes?

Wardrobes are a necessary storage space for clothes and shoes, whether they are part of your bedroom or if you have separate dressing room.

The last thing you want is crumpled, creased clothes and wardrobe doors that open out, take up too much room and block the light coming into your bedroom.

Sliding wardrobes doors can be fitted into most bedrooms and they allow for style coupled with practicality.

Smooth door movement means less frustration and a tidier room!

If your wardrobes are full length (i.e. from the ceiling to the floor) this means you can hang garments such as gowns, coats and trouser without the need to fold them.

They are also kept out of direct sunlight, so your clothes don’t become faded.

For tall rooms, full length wardrobes mean you can also have space the clever storage for shoes, belts and other accessories.

Fitted wardrobes remove the hassle of those gruesome gaps that you can’t clean easily, no matter how sophisticated our vacuum cleaner might be!

If you’ve got free standing wardrobes and they are positioned in alcoves, now’s the time to think about having them removed and having fitted wardrobes put in their place.

Space Saving and Storage Ideas

As we live in the UK, we need to have seasonal clothing for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This means you need effective, hidden storage when it’s time to pack away the winter woollies in favour of cooler clothing.

By making the most of your wardrobe space, this means you can have a committed wardrobe for winter garments along with another wardrobe or sufficient space for summer ones.

Or you could have effective, hidden-from-view storage shelves so clothes can be put away neatly until needed.

If you have wardrobes fitted with sliding doors, just think of the floor space you’ll save! No longer any need to curse the lack of space between the open door and the edge of the bed.

Bespoke, Tailor Made Just for You

You might find it surprising that bespoke, made-to-measure, tailor-made wardrobes can be more cost effective.

Fitted furniture lasts longer with less wear and tear.

You can also update the colour or finish of the doors of your fitted wardrobe if ever you fancy a change of décor.

When you come to sell your home, a purchaser will also see you’ve taken care of your home, made the most of the space it has got. They also will see that apart from possibly a new colour scheme, nothing else needs to be done.

We can also advise as to the many little tricks we’ve learned along the way!

Mirrored doors can make a small bedroom seem much larger, for example.

And if sliding doors can’t be fitted, we can help you decide if bi-fold doors might be a good choice for you.

Bedrooms also tend to need more storage space than other rooms; this can be for different bedding types such as winter and summer duvets and spare bed linen. After all, these all need to go somewhere, and it should be hidden from view.

Costs and How to Prepare

Mayfield Interiors are happy to prepare a quote for you for both fitted wardrobes and for their fitted bedroom ranges, which includes chests of drawers, dressing units, bedheads, bedside cabinets and more.

Our collaboration with Hepplewhite means you have a world of choice at your fingertips, and you can mix and match with some of the Hepplewhite ranges.

In the first instance, it is best to be honest about your budget and even on a modest amount, your bedroom can be transformed.

What Happens Next

Once you’re happy with our designs and the costs, we then make a date to come and do the installation.

We will advise you as to what needs removing from the bedroom and in which order we’ll tackle it before we begin.

If it is a full bedroom makeover, including joinery and decorating, we can tackle all of it however you might need to use another room for sleeping purposes on a temporary basis.

Items we will check include whether the floor is level, the height of your ceiling, skirting boards, coving and light fittings.

We also consider as to where your electric sockets are positioned, and whether we can come up with clever concealments to hide unsightly plugs and wires.

Those Finishing Touches

So, as well as updating the bedroom and making it a good long-term investment, your new bedroom will have great storage solutions and to us, the inside of your wardrobes and cupboards are just important as the outside! Our attention to detail is second to none in this regard.

Above all, our fitted bedroom furniture and sliding wardrobes look amazing and stylish, with the wow factor guaranteed.

In fact, it could be you decide after you’ve improved your bedroom area, you just want to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

There’s nothing wrong with improving rather than moving.

And when it is time to move, then your house will stand out from the crowd.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another huge advantage of fitted bedroom furniture is the cleaning and the maintenance of it.

With superb finishes in top quality materials, cleaning your bedroom will be easy.

We will advise as to the cleaning products that will be suitable.

With the excellent standard of our furniture, it is unlikely you’ll have any problems with it.

However, if you need help or have any questions, we are only too happy to help.

Also, with good quality fitted furniture, your investment continues to be a good one as more often than not, all you’ll need to replace in the future is maybe different door handles.

Tips to Tempt You

So, if you want your mornings to be less stressful, your bedroom to be a tidy, peaceful haven of tranquillity, and a room that is uncluttered and sophisticated, then we can help!
While you might spend a third of your life on average asleep in your bedroom, if you think about it, you also spend time during your waking hours too in your peaceful haven. Getting dressed, getting ready for a night out or for work.

Many of us also work in our bedrooms, checking emails before we turn in.

What To Do Next …

Now we’ve given you the advantages of having newly fitted bedroom furniture in your home, what is the next step?

As mentioned above, the first step is to be realistic about how much you can spend. This will dictate the work we can do for you.

Then, get in touch with Mayfield Interiors and we are happy to chat about your requirements before we book a planning visit.

We are an independent, family-run business that has many very happy clients.

Our fitted bedroom furniture and sliding wardrobes can really help bring your home up-to-date and transform your bedroom from dowdy to the bedroom of your dreams.

Contact us today and make that first step …