Hepplewhite Office Furniture Ranges Linear

The Hepplewhite Linear office furniture range is one that will make a statement about you and your business.

Available in four shades of oak veneer, from light to dark, this incredible design is veneered both inside and out and is finished by hand.

This hand finish lends this design true character, and the central piece is the incredible freestanding desk, which makes a statement in itself.

Surrounding bookcases have glazed doors for a truly inspired finish and the low-level units are perfect for office usage and both deliver high volume storage.

Mayfield Interiors can also install the Hepplewhite Linear fitted bedroom range, too.




Other colours

This range is available in alternative finishes

Albany-White-Washed-Oak swatch

White Washed Oak

espresso colour

Espresso Oak

light oak swatch

Light Oak

Chocolate-Washed-Oak swatch

Chocolate Washed Oak