Home Office

Fitted Home Office Furniture Cheshire

Now more than ever, a home office within your domestic property is crucial, in some cases essential.

Following changes in our working patterns which are unlikely to alter any time soon, a working area within your home can be an asset to the overall value of your property.

Home offices do not need to be an ‘ad hoc’ collection of drab, mismatched freestanding furniture: with clever design and personal project management, Mayfield Interiors can create a viable home office just about anywhere within your home.

We work alongside the prestigious brand Hepplewhite, one of the UK’s best and leading furniture brands. One of the easiest ways is to convert a spare bedroom, box room or even a living room alcove into your home office or study.

Another option is to convert the space beneath the staircase, making effective and stylish use of an otherwise wasted and redundant area of your home. You’d be both surprised and delighted as to what we can design and install for you.

And if your home has an open plan living design, worry not! We can also design dual purpose, multifunctional spaces for business tasks, evening or weekend administration duties or even a homework area for students of all ages.

Fitted desks, drawers, filing cabinets, printer and computer surfaces, shelving … the Mayfield Interiors team will create the bespoke, personal home office design that can be ultra-modern or traditional, depending on your personal requirements.

Hepplewhite have individually designed four stunning range with full consideration of all the important factors, such as comfort, style, storage and equipment requirements. Each drawer also has the soft close function as standard.

Awkward spaces also pose no problem, and the end result elevates your enthusiasm for the ‘work from home’ ethos, which is here to stay.

Whether we develop a spare room or a spare corner, our designs will help you become more effective with your work and if you share your home with other adults, children or both, then fitted home office furniture will help create a space that is fit for purpose.

A dedicated design will help you focus, concentrate and succeed.