Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes Doors

Perfect for elegant and space-saving storage, this is THE contemporary design solution for bedrooms of all shapes and sizes,

Sliding wardrobes ensures style is coupled with practicality.

The team at Mayfield Interiors design, supply and fit this versatile wardrobe system and we welcome a challenge, including small spaces, sloped ceilings, heritage properties and tight corners!

Sliding wardrobes allow for maximum interior space while avoiding the awkwardness of outward opening, hinged doors.

The sliding door frontage includes smoother door movement from side to side and a subtle overlap, so your clothing, shoes and accessories are kept behind closed doors until you need them.

You can add the wow factor if the sliding doors are fitted with statement mirrors or decorative features. You can even make a small room look bigger and brighter is you choose the right finish.

The sliding wardrobe can therefore have multiple purposes, from sleek storage to feature doors, hiding the ‘clutter’ of clothing and ensuring your bedroom looks amazing, especially effective if you want to sell your home in the future.

We have a wide choice of exciting designs, from traditional to modern, from classical to boho, available in high quality finishes, materials and colours.

We can tailor the fittings to your own bespoke requirements and the combination of first-rate design, installation and project management is the reason why Mayfield Interiors is the best and most inspirational choice for your wardrobe requirements.